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the gateway for unique luxury brands
to the GCC & MENA

We Spread Everything Beautiful

We curate emerging as well as established brands, talented designers and artists from across the globe and provide them with targeted entry in select luxury retail stores and galleries in the GCC & MENA markets. Our role as sales agents expands to provide marketing management services for our partner brands.

Our Partner Brands

Creativity and newness are the driving force behind the hand-picked designers we represent.


Our Services


Sales Agents

We stand as a link between our partners and the buyers, ensuring our brands get the commercial assistance they require on our markets.

Brand Management

The moment we become partners is the time we become
the care-takers of your brand.

A Gateway

Brand Terminal is a gateway for talented designers, small and big, who have yet to find their way to the GCC and MENA markets. 

Expanding Your Territory


Our goal is to successfully accompany promising brands that are at par with our quality standards in their journey into the GCC & MENA retail scene. 

Our commitment to excellence and our will to help brands expand and perform on the territory is the driving force behind the individual focus we provide and the detail-centric approach to the entry strategies we tailor make to each of our partner brands.